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I'm James.




I am an award winning Creative Director and Motion Designer. After graduating from UC Berkeley as a Fine Arts major, I started working in the post-production world where I  have remained for almost 2 decades refining my skills as a Set Supervisor, Director, 2D and 3D Motion Design and Compositor. 


My interests combine Fine Art, Mixed Media, and Digital Design, enabling a wide spectrum to my approach when it comes to creative.

I have worked with brands such as Apple, Nike Inc, Honda, BMW, Google, Amazon and many more. My focus is grounded in storytelling, crafting powerful experiences, development of relationships, and continually pushing for emotionally impactful work. 

Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya, Redshift, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Suite.

Creative Director, Art Director, VFX Supervisor, 2D 3D Design and Animation, Motion Design, Photo Real and Live Action Compositing


Email -

Tel - 805.712.5689

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